Monday, July 25, 2011

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery - Del Kathryn Barton & Marley Dawson

Car vs Art, I really loved ‘Box of Birds’, Marley’s 2009 show and I am so happy he hasn’t let me down with this show ‘Heavy Industry/Light Commercial’... I’m not a driver, but I do like cars and strangely the smell of new tyre's and of course I had a sniff of 1 of them. How could I not, standing in front of 4 shiny new commercial tyre’s, watching the different tread patterns slowly rotate. Some how I think that if there was no movement in the work, no motorized component it wouldn’t work, and all I can think of is sticking my head out the window and letting the wind blow in my face while watching a blurry landscape pass me by...

Missed her last show due to illness, so thankfully I was upright for this 1. Del’s work is intense, a visual explosion of immense proportions and made me think she may have been channeling Lady Ga Ga .. I was moved by the 11 framed works on paper, found them to be quieter than the larger works and definitely more sensitive and her technique has increased to a fury that it’s mind boggling as to how much time Del spends on 1 work...

Written by fleur

14th July - 6th August 2011

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