Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Airspace Projects - Openings

‘Openings’ is a BIG BIG glorious group show on at Airspace Projects filling every nook and cranny in this just recently renovated new space, the small intimate entry revealing an oddly cavenous but very interesting exhibiting area.  Artist’s include: Annie Aitken, Kendal Heyes, Susan Andrews, Rafaela Pandolfini, Ciaran Begley, Jan Fieldsend, Pollyxenia Joannou, Tony McDonald, Fleur MacDonald, Anthony Cahill, Lynda Draper, Michele Elliot, Fiona Meller, Natasha Halicki, Natalie Gock, Li Wenmin, Alex Falkiner, Kim Elliot, Francesca Mataraga, Mike Barnard, Jacqui Mills, Janine Bailey, Kristel Smits, Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen, Sue Pedley, Robert Bennetts, James Nguyen, Sam Valenz, Sue Callanan, Kylie Banyard, Leo Coyte, Yvette Hamilton, Emma Price, Anie Nheu, Erin Keys, Glenn Locklee, Helen M Sturgess, Mo Giddy, Jane Polkinghorne, Catherine Rogers, Marlene Sarroff, Sarah Newall, Veronica Habib, Nuha Saad, Hyun-Hee Lee, Rox De Luca, Margaret Roberts and Deborah Kelly.

There is an awful lot of fabulous work in this show so am just going to pick my favourites, but truly love the entire show.. seriously!!

In Gallery 2, Annie Aitken uses zips to hush our mouths, ‘Looking for Closure’ mixed media, 14 cotton and plastic zips.  I gaped in awe! ‘Untitled (PN3)’ acrylic, oil and pigment on velvet by Kendal Hayes dared me to reach out and touch it, I withheld and gazed from a distance!  I first encountered Susan Andrew’s work through MAP, this is a nice re-introduction, ‘Wedge’ acrylic on timber sits high up on the wall softly yelling that it’s there.

‘Private View’ light, found objects, ceramic, RGB projector part, variable dimensions by Ciaran Begley is fabulous, love the intimatacy about it and how you have to crane your neck to look.  My eyes wandered to ‘Night Sky I, II & III’ screen print, drawing, collage, textile and flocking by Jan Fieldsend, it must have been the plaid as somehow I felt a connection.

What is it about Felt!  I’m partial to it’s softness, it’s virsitility and how it folds.  With ‘Émigré #1 & #2’ felt, wood & cotton by Pollyxenia Joannou these two unopposing works speak volumes.  ‘Tilt’ acrylic on board by Tony McDonald reflects the shape of the room and perfectly placed above the steps.

‘Victory’ gouache on ply by yours truly is something all us Artist’s want next to their work and a little adulation.

‘Inspections Invited’ oil on birch panel by Anthony Cahill is a blessing in disguise as this is the very first time I can lay my eyes on his work in the flesh after a daily dose via Facebook.  I’ve watched his work closely over a couple of years and they follow a surreal landscape with an Artist’s eye view of everyday objects that pass his fancy.  A piece of discarded plastic pushed into a rock crevace intensified by colours suited for a post nuclear landscape… Love it!!

‘Wishbone Jewellery’ silver, various dimensions by Fiona Meller are a little strange but curiously really lovely.  As also Alex Falkiner’s ‘Floating Fragment Drawing’ mixed media and pins, variable dimensions are to me a playful version of the Milky Way.  In the Cranny and Deep Space, unfortunately I missed the performance but love ‘In the Space of a breath: device for circulating air’ air conditioning duct by Sue Callanan as I think it says a lot for clean air.

Up on the wall I caught my reflection in a small work which I initially thought was a mirror but watched it as it slowly changed, kinda spooky and kinda cool at the same time, ‘Look Here’ single channel video, screen, frame, mirror film by Yvette Hamilton.

Down on the back wall there is a small urban landscape, ‘Ascent’ oil and blue tape on ply by Glenn Locklee, I love the shadow forcing itself to oblige the steps and railings and the blue tape deliberatly made to look like the railing, it could be the beginning or the end of a great day’s adventure.

‘Big Head’ Video sculpture by Jane Polkinghorne is hilarious!

Always love the eye of Catherine Rogers, ‘Light Leaking’ and ‘Opportunity’ Photographs on paper are two works that are yet again sublime.  ‘Bridging the Gap’ acrylic and foam board by Marlene Sarroff seem to throw a spanner in the works making us wake up and take note.

It’s human nature to pick flowers, I try and do it regularly as fresh cut flowers from your garden or someone else’s brings life to your life, the simple action of picking flowers and making a little bouquet creates a profound effect on the person who receives them.  ‘Flowers picked on the way to Opening’ cotton yarn, acrylic paint, pine & plywood, variable dimensions by Sarah Newall make my heart sing, they are exquisite in their every tiny detail.. I gush whenever I see Sarah's work!

Always love the playful attention to structural direction in Nuha Saad’s work including this one ‘Column II’ acrylic on wood, not just building blocks but building blocks to stardom!  ‘Saved White’ mixed media by Rox De Luca is up close a very gorgeous piece, I wanted to touch it but it looked too fragile.  ‘Untitled’ mixed media by Margaret Roberts is an interactive piece but looked to lovely to touch, so I watched it hang and watched people’s reactions to it, worked for me!

Sally Clarke and Brenda Factor with the help of a legion of volunteers have transformed this wonderful space from humble beginnings in the heart of Marrickville into a place where Art lives.

Fleur MacDonald

6th February - 21st February 2015

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