Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chalk Horse - 'The Golden Probe' and 'unhistorical'

Our first trip to Chalkhorse and we we're impressed... it's a large and airy space that is relatively free of pretension.

Solid work in the two shows, 'unhistoric' and 'The Golden Probe' and in the stockroom.

The Golden Probe, is a quirky work blending documentation and drawing. We think it's celebrating the gold instrument used to test the authenticity of the holes in Christ ... odd thing to make a probe with, considering how soft gold is but we digress!

In 'unhistoric' the scene stealer has to be the Renny Kodgers video installation. Renny gives a life drawing class and shows off wearing an enlarged fake penis for some added shock value.

And the painting on masonite by Yvette Coppersmith in the stockroom needs to be seen by all.

10th September - 3rd October 2009

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