Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gallery9 - Tonee Messiah & Melody Willis

Yes we know it’s getting a bit late to put this post up, but a few things out of our control has prevented us from doing so earlier...

We covered Tonee’s last show and were interested in seeing what new works have been created from the Messiah studio... Pleasantly surprised with a few more mediums as added extra’s!!!

Our favourite would have to be ‘Concrete Cancer’, with it’s forlorn face and delicate washes pulling on our heart strings... ‘Cautious Steps From The Lure Of Second Rate Bunches’ has a colourful story to tell, reminiscing early Andy Warhol... And ‘Right Synapse’, a visit to a surrealist’s sketchbook...

Melody Willis has made some interesting work and again with a few mediums... These works conjure up Dadaism of works by Max Ernst... But at the same time early 70’s American Art... We loved them all so we couldn’t pick a favourite and found the works from both artist’s created a well balanced show...

written by fleur

1st - 18th December

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