Sunday, August 14, 2011

Damien Minton Gallery - Brooke Stevens & Peter Gardiner

Every single one of the ‘Self’, oil on paper series are a sheer delight to look at, almost like looking into one’s soul and seeing the lightness of being. Young Artist Brooke Stevens will be going a long way if she keeps going like this. I loved ‘Empire’, ‘Solitary’, ‘Wake’ and ‘Beginning’, all oil on canvas, the subtle powder like colours and the loose boldness in her brushstrokes. Attention to the reflection of light on the faces brings the images out from under the shadows.

Which offers a nice balance to Peter Gardiner’s work. What do I say, when I gushed so much in the post for his last show, he goes from strength to strength, increasing the ‘Wow’ factor by ten times. Every painting tells a different story, rich in colour and imagery and every painting is to die for.

Can’t pick a favourite as I love each and every one of them, from ‘Ravensworth III’ oil on canvas with it’s full moon light and eerie scene to ‘Ravensworth Tondo’ oil on wood offering us a tunnel view of a once serene landscape now ravaged by time.
This is another show not to be missed, it closes on the 27th August, if you live in Sydney then I urge you to make the effort.

As I will be a fan till the day I die...

2nd August - 27th August 2011

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