Friday, August 5, 2011

INDEX - Crude

Eric Neibuhr, Amanda Hill, Ro Murray, Bernadette Jones, Renee Falez, Sarah Nolan, Jason White, Peter Mcguinness, Andre Flament, Gilbert Grace, Georgina Pollard, Alex Wisser, and the students of the Inclusive Community Education Program.

Ok, I was a little intrigued by the title so I went along for a gander and most people would agree that this whole show is about ‘Crudeness’, but .. I found an amazing amount of elegance. Surprise surprise yes I did!!!

Guess it must have been the order in which to view, neatly hanging on the fresh painted walls, why wasn’t I handed a stone tablet of the room sheet instead of a small tightly printed one?!!

It’s ok!! I love you Index...

The opportunity to give people with a disability to express themselves in a creative way is to let those people help release their amazing ability to realization .. that is beautiful .. and the works from ICEP at Sydney Community College are amazing...

‘Black Star and Shooting Hole’, by Andre Flament is a star studded piece, I first saw it on the email invite and wanted to see more, it’s a wonderful piece of recycling, and probably become a part of recycling to the point of it becoming part of a black hole. ‘It’s Got Boobs In It’, yes it does Alex Wisser, I think the answer to your question is they already are!!!, I particularly loved the yellow gaffa tape, very affective at bringing this piece to fashionable elegance.

Although I am no longer a smoker, has now been 6 years, I am appalled at the attempt of plain paper packaging for cigarettes. But, these 6 packets are really quite enchanting in a strange way, they seem to represent a future unknown but at the same time a future known, well done to Amanda Hills... ‘Nothing’, do I have nothing to wear, maybe a change to more fashionable wear is in order! Sarah Nolan is reflecting on a past practice and not forgetting but moving on.

I liked this ‘Drip, Dab; Plastic’, by Georgina Pollard, I like how Georgina brings ‘plastic paint’ and ‘plastic’ together, making them both communicate on a different level but somehow fusing the two together. It’s an interesting conversation! This is quite an immense work, this ‘Lighting the Black Speech-Golden Bird’, by Peter McGuiness. Labour intensive with references to print media and Bob Dylan.

In the past I had a visit from the ‘Black Dog’, thankfully it’s visit was short, but happy people have a big problem with understanding sad people, if everyone experienced depression at some point in there life then I guess there would be more compassion in this world. Jason SG White, has produced a beautiful thought provoking piece with his ‘Reflections of Sadness’.

I also liked ‘My My My’, by Bernadette Jones, this piece is objective and non objective, it was also offensive and non offensive but at the same time slowly seeped into my subconscious. ‘Gyre I-IV’ by Ro Murray, it’s an interesting concept using another artist’s work as a negative to highlight rubbish in the ocean and these large works on black paper offer us the artist’s version of an underwater chart.

‘Crude: deepwaters run, still?’, by Gilbert Grace it’s a cardboard play, a wild fancy display of talent and a very entertaining piece. While ‘Bush Bongs’ by Eric Niebuhr transport us to a crystal clear perception of what the classic bong should look like, minus the brown water stain, I found these pieces quite stunning, they looked like they were made of glass and not the found plastic as most bongs are... And to top off another successful Index group show, ‘Heart Space’ by Renee Falez gives us what it really is, no holds bar, there it is in all it’s crude glory...

Well done guys and gals, thanks for the wonderful ‘Crude’ and ‘not so crude’ ...

Written by Fleur

30th July - 13th August 2011

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