Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Kandos Projects - In Bed Together

The gallery was packed to the rafters on the night of the opening, a brilliant turn out for such a sweet little town.  Coming back from a trip to Sydney one night I glanced at the shop front of Kandos Projects and then glanced again as something caught my eye, the door sized work of Mr and Mrs Brown, ‘Zygosis Hyperacumulator: Phase 1-4, mixed media installation was glowing in the dark, so so cool!!

‘Adventures Unknown’ chalk & graphite on paper, dimensions variable by Libby Varcoe & Leo Cremonese, I found this work strikingly gorgeous, it attached itself to the softest part of my heart and I fell head over heels in love with it.  I’m a big softy and gush for realist work but don’t get me wrong it’s not the only one I gushed for in this show.  Intimate snapshots of a beautiful landscape captured perfectly in graphite and chalk, with hints of blue sneaking into the cloudscapes creating moments of rapture.  Takes up a big chunk of wallspace but needs it as they are intersperced with fragments in word to help the viewer see through the Artist’s eye.

Absolutely loved ‘Drawing Through the Picture Plane’ A, B, C & D, ink & chalk on cotton rag by Georgina Pollard & Alex Wisser where they spent the day in the Clandulla National Park and created these 4 fabulous musings of the natural environment.   I found myself transported to a place of natural quiet.

Ok, so the work ‘Untitled’ by Kat Brown, acrylic and aerosol on board was suppose to hang horizontal but you didn’t hear that from me, although I kinda like it vertical as it has a more ergonomic floral approach to it, an alien flower floating against a colourful mist.  The choice of colours help it to pop right off the canvas leaving a lasting impression in the viewers subconsious.. Which works beautifully with ‘Dancing In the Wild’ scraperboard by Na Lan, a delicate piece of creative wonder.  Next to it was a joint effort by Na Lan’s partner Reginald Buckland, ‘Cradle’ mixed media.  Another work of wonderment breaming with life as we know it!

‘He is and we are
It’s not the whole story but then it is.
Each word within it must fight its way
and once out it may not sound the same.
Formed soft or hard depending on its destination.
There is a moment when we are all joined.
We can begin or end to begin again.

 It’s a race.’

 I love this, this moment of clarity, the words from the work ‘Work Follows Form, Form Follows Work’ acrylic on canvas by Virginia Handmer & Geoffrey Payne.  It follows through to the beginning to the end, offering a chosen silence and putting up a wall to procastination.   I guess ‘Ven. Choden’ was the perfect choice to hang next to Virginia and Geoffrey’s work as it follows through to the affect of being one with the work.   It’s a wonderful painting of a young monk, his serene face offering calm and serenity to all.

Love Damian Castaldi and his enthusiaism for movement, he and Solange Kershaw make a great team.

And last but not least the wonderous shimmering beauty hanging in the window ‘Lightly’ acrylic glitter on pvc by Georgina Pollard tempting you to look upon it’s loveliness while it shimmers in the moonlight!

But before I head off there is also a mention to Terry Burrows who put this show together and if you are ever to find yourself in Rylstone while Gallery 47 is open then pop in and check out his Back Book, pretty damn awesome!

Fleur MacDonald

5th August - 28th August 2016
Kandos Projects, 18 Angus Avenue, Kandos, 2848

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