Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Australian Galleries - Roylston Street - Garry Shead

At it's best saccharine sweet, but if you let the corniness wash over you it's a marvelous body of work.

Heavy on the Chagall reverences but I don't have a problem with that... running into 'Commedia dell' Arte' at the Frankfurt au Main Opera house was a life changing experience.

These are lyrical personal paintings, I was trapped upstairs listening on the loudspeaker to Geoffrey Lehmann's beautiful poem and had the pleasure of meeting him at the end and got to show him the cooked bandicoot painting ... which was in my mind the highlight of the show... It's a little treat...  

I got to shake Marie Bashir's hand and I so think she's cool... you would look twice on the M4 if you saw a car with no number-plate but a crown! Love my Governor being so damn interesting...

A  VERY busy opening and hot beyond oxygen, this show needs the catalogue, the essay makes sense of it all.. and you get to see the fantastic ceramic urn that was in the show at Mary Place again... that alone is worth going to see.

Written by Jimmy

9th November - 27th November 2010

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