Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chalk Horse - John A.Douglas

Strangeland Vol. 1 featuring Sari T.M. Kivinen, Liam Benson and Debra Petrovich

Strangeland, it’s a strange land, within this stark spooky landscape John captures the sought after mood perfectly and the attention to detail is paramount... With the help of a strong supporting cast, Sari T.M.Kivinen and Liam Benson and the beautiful haunting soundtrack by Debra Petrovich and not to forget a mention for their technical support Melanie Ryan and Matt Cuneo...

I fell in love with the whole package and hope to see it again...

Glen Davis was probably the best choice of location for this work with it’s dark mysterious ghost town appearance and it’s WWII industrial background which worked well with the interweaving of scenes and characters...

John’s work reminds me of a Dennis Hopper film... It’s dramatic, violent, powerful, scary and just plain brilliant... This show is a definite must see, better than anything at the movies and you may need to bring your own popcorn!!!

Written by Fleur

11th November - 20th November 2010

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