Saturday, November 17, 2012

Damien Minton Annex - Isabel Gomez

Oh well yet another opening I missed but love her work and had to go see the show before it closed. Haven’t been to the Annex in ages and finally found it after going the wrong way and found this stunning landscape show. I’ve seen a bit of her work in group shows but not had the chance to see a solo until now.

It’s not a huge show but with 23 works it really packed a punch and made me miss my life as a landscape painter. Oh Isabel your landscapes are lovely, with your fluid brush strokes, your perfect perspective and your wonderful colour matching. These paintings are to die for, they are careful descriptive snapshots either during the day or winding round a darkened evening highway.

The intimate portraits of her sleeping dog ‘Maggie’ are just fabulous, you can sense her asleep, snoring peacefully and comfortably.

It’s one of those shows that stays with you as there is a serenity about them, no chit chat busy stuff but quiet peaceful works that empower the painter and the viewer, that same feeling like your standing on top of the tallest mountain.

Fleur MacDonald
7th November - 17th November 2012

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