Thursday, November 8, 2012

Factory 49 - Louise Blyton

With a wonderful corner work by Gary Deirmendjian and another beautiful wall work across the road at the biscuit factory by Kate MacKay and also some really lovely delicate work in the Office Project Space by Susan Buret, Louise Blyton was in good company. Really love the nature of Factory 49 but sometimes it’s a bit hard for me to get there but a pleasure when I finally do and had to make an extra effort since Louise is a Melbourne Artist and I also like to support out of towner’s.

I’ve been an admirer of Louise Blyton’s work for some time now and since becoming friends on facebook it was wonderful to finally meet her for the first time at her opening.

Louise has a fundamental understanding of the nature of colour and pigment, how hues of one pigment can playfully play a negative reflection against a background of raw linen. In ‘Long Love Days’ her choice of cobalt teal pigment on narrow stretched linen running in a line across the walls of the gallery creating an image that’s close to Morse Code is truly breathtaking and sublime. But my favourite would have to be the tyrian pink pigment on linen, it plays with my mind with it’s double negative and the slightest hint of a lighter hue hiding within the circle of the hottest of pink is totally mesmerizingly gorgeous.

Fleur MacDonald

17th October - 27th October 2012

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