Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sarah Cottier Gallery - Matt Hinkley & Christopher Hanrahan

Matt Hinkley creates sculptural assemblages that are conspicuous in their inconspicuous scale.  They are tiny and hung from the ceiling in numbers from fine irregularly bent wire.  The wire itself looks like calligraphic lines concluding in these quirky colourful artworks made from synthetic bits and pieces. Unlike his work in Biennale 14 these minute works can’t be accidentally missed in the gallery environment and demands up close observation.  The works are suspended at eye level as you walk through the space and are like a joyful act of discovery as each piece comes into focus.

In the other space is a reductive abstract installation of thin welded steel, material and an electric light by Christopher Hanrahan who is now resident in New York.  His work once more figurative and literal has perhaps, under the influence of his current location taken on a more formal address and interplay of space and materiality.  The steel is sometimes bent with fragility and other times rigid with strength. The welds, precious bronze, are conspicuously rough and organic.  There is intent in each detail.

It is glowing, composed and creates a presence that differs in the way Hinkley does.  Together they are a treat appealing to different sensibilities as an art experience.

Glenn Locklee
Guest Reviewer

7th August – 30th August 2014

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