Saturday, September 6, 2014

A-M Gallery - Georgina Pollard

The latest exhibition from Georgina Pollard at A-M Gallery ‘Through Line III’ opened Wednesday 27th August 2014.  As the title suggests is the third body of works generated by this evolving process and theme.

These works are a contradiction of creative control and random energies.  The action of dripping paint using the uncontrolled phenomena of gravity at first evokes Pollock.  But this is not the masucline action painting full of reckless bravado of that famed abstract expressionist.  Pollard’s work adds a considered sophistication.  One that demands time intervals in its creation and time limits in its durability.  These are partially ephemeral unfussy products of a process that orchestrates unique colour, concepts of recycled materials that once had a more domestic prupose and the willingness to allow the paint to find its way without the manipulation of the artist’s hand.  Pollard also challenges the accepted notions of wall hung art by relinquishing the structures that support the image.  There is no canvas, stretchers, board or paper.  The works are 100% paint.  The paint does not only provide visual structure as in conventional art but also becomes the physical structure subverting and expanding its role.

Ultimately this is a beautiful show.  The deliberate hang with a busy patchwork wall echoing the configuration of the Newtown Seat exhibition earlier in the year juxtaposing the remaining pieces being given ample and appropiate space of their own to emphasise the strength of their presence.  The colours sing, not in a sweet predictable paletter but in a unique, at times acidic, discordant and harmonious vocabulary.  This original, vibrant show is clever in its invention and physical complexity but not so demanding that it can’t be enjoyed on the level of pure aesthetic beauty.

Glenn Locklee
Guest Reviewer

27th August – 20th September 2014

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