Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TIGHT Projects - Douglas McCloskey

Nice to see Douglas, cleanly shaved and looking comfortably casual in his contemporary smoking jacket... He's done well!!!

These works must have taken forever... they represent a Diary of his Father's fight with the big 'C'... completed during visits at many locations including the Hospital...

They are quite intense and hypnotic and a bit like Escher on acid which we think is a good thing!!!

This show is a must see and you never know your luck in the big city, as you may leave the Gallery with an original artwork or a book from the best second hand bookstore in Sydney...

written by fleur

31st August - 18th September 2010

Oh Really Gallery - A seduced me - Miss Mica Still

Dreamy bestiality meets antique porn and lot's of grunt .... grrrrrr ... and the bear paws come with the purchase ... Miss Mica has given us an illicit view ... it's full of all the stuff a brown paper bag wants to house ...

Love covering a show from an out of town artist... Mica is from Wellington and that's a city that I hold very dear ...

Again the Lads at Oh Really let their space go nuts ... Shame that most of the wall installation would have been fantastic on canvas and really saleable ...

The best thing about this opening, well apart from meeting Mica and her very lovely partner Aaron was the attention to detail ... the apoxy works (with bear claw hanger) are layered and luscious and the catalogue is something I will keep for a very long time...

Oh Really is a great space ... but it needs one the collective to stand up as front of house ...

AND just because you live in the Inner West doesn't mean you can't go to a local art gallery, look at the art and buy something ... c'mon they be under $400 and they come with a fluffy bear claw hanger... jeeze you Inner West folk are hard work...

this show is well worth seeing...


written by jimmy

A Seduced Me
26th August -5th September

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

King Street Gallery on William - Peter O'Doherty

Canvas and Paper

Gold coast to Melbourne, from chairs to trams, red brick apartment living, iconic 50's suburban architecture with there brightly coloured interiors...

Peter is persistent in recording details of life in suburbia... And he has succeeded once again with 'Canvas and Paper'... Intent on showing us a storyline in fused colours blurring the image before us!!!

written by fleur

24th August - 18th September 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Robin Gibson Gallery - Ballan Bolton & Simon Fieldhouse

Ballan Bolton - New York to France... I found myself drawn to the 'Prague Sketch No.2' ink on paper... With the lovely shading of the ink and her almost serious stare... But! what is she looking at!!! 'Backyard' and 'Orchard in Spring', both with lively and refreshing greens which made me want to dive into the works and sit under a tree...

Simon Fieldhouse - Bird's Eye View... A stalwart of this Gallery, and a lengthy CV to boot... His finely detailed architectural and landscape ink and watercolours have a quirky aspect about them... Almost hidden Superhero's...which brings light to these almost business like works....

written by fleur

21st August - 15th September 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

James Dorahy Project Space - Fleur MacDonald


This is Fleur's show!

So anything said is going to be panderous ... so let's not muck around ... these are really sweet gouaches, Fleur has grabbed objects from her life and objectified them .... but imbued them with personal identities and wee nuances ...

While being absolutely biased... it is a show to go and see and even if she wasn't the other on this blog I would say that... the casually selected objects are removed from their casualness and treated with respect, fluffed up and then presented to us as a menu of what makes Fleur MacDonald "Fleur MacDonald".

There was a lot on that night ...including the Jasper Legge show at Watter's and considering how small James Dohary Project Space is, it was quite a blessing, a great and constant crowd and a few surprise guests.

Great to see the Coffs contingent and blow ins from Melbourne ...it all started with a lovely lunch at Otto... the opening... followed by a less than civilized visit to Sugar Mill... fun...

You really should go and see this work...

Written by Jimmy

17th August - 5th September 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Inge King - Australian Galleries - Roylston St

Inge's sculptures swirl and spin in a youthful and exuberant manner and it's not until you realise that she's actually 92 years old that you take on how remarkable that is... and what a lovely woman...

A quiet opening which was exactly what we needed to ease into the monster next day of Fleur's opening ...

written by Jimmy

17th August - 4th September

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TIGHT Projects - Marisa Purcell

Watch it, I'm going to gush...

After making friends on facebook, we have connected as 'Real' friends!!!

Marisa is as beautiful as her paintings, this series may be small but each work speaks volumes... With content to connect with... A sense of longing... losing a loved one... The images maybe blurry, but the effect is crystal clear... With a hint of a white Christmas...

Everyone's perception is different and that's the beauty of creating a work of Art, it makes us think about what we are looking at and how the Artist was feeling when creating the work... Call me crazy but I feel an essence of Rothko, but just a little... As all Artist's have insecurities, it's nice to let them know, that we as there public can appreciate what they put into their work...

written by fleur

10th August - 28th August 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Exquisite Pallette 2010 - St Luke artists colourmen

With Fleur having a painted palette in St. Luke artist colourmen's annual palette show we took advantage of the Dan being in Melbourne and anointed him as an agent ... so it's over to the Dan to take over this post ... take it away Dan ...

St. Luke have put on a show chockers full of diverse talent who were invited to create works on the good old fashioned wooden palette. Pieces ranged from eye popping 3 dimensioned  to the deceptively simple and witty... re: Thick as thieves.

A big turnout and with a tiny store it seemed almost inevitable that some carnage would happen ... bearing in mind that there are over 200 works from 100 artists and carnage did happen... a lovely Frank Lloyd-Wright inspired wall sculpture was meticulously being reassembled by the person who had knocked it off the wall ... overheard saying, " I've already bought two! ... I don't want to have to buy three!"

A special thanks to Louise and co for the warm reception.

written by the Dan

30th July - 1st September
St. Luke artists colourmen

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kaleidoscope - The Print Collective

Between The Sheets

When I first saw the title of this show, I wondered... No! It's ok... It's all to do with printmaking... Sheets of paper!!!

My first visit to Kaleidoscope and I found it a charming intimate space... Although it's a small Gallery... It packs a punch...

This is not a show for me to pick merit... Every work had something to offer... A different story... A past experience... a moment in time... If I were rich I would have bought the lot!!!

The Print Collective are a committed bunch... committed to their beliefs and communication through their work... A valuable tool within the Art world...

written by fleur

5th August - 18th August 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Damian Dillon - Jailbreak

This was our first visit to Artereal Gallery and what a mighty space it is!

For those not in the know ... this is an old fire station in Rozelle renovated to the nth degree to be just a beautiful space ...

The gorgeous Cash Brown convinced us we should travel to the literary end of town and it was worth it. 

Damian Dillon's show is mysterious.. His large format reworked photographs, printed onto aluminium, portray composite visions of high rise suburban high density housing.

They're composites of all over the place ... Berlin, London, Hackney, Dublin, Sydney ... bits of vistas show through, but what you're looking at is deceptive ... he's managed to put together views that at first glance are at one ... but ... when you look further it's all the same with tiny differences ... here's the mystery ... high density housing everywhere is remarkably the same ... until Dillon gets his ink out and marks out what could be memory or what might be premonition.

Love a gallery that caters and that zucchini slice was the yummiest thing.

Written by Jimmy

Artereal Gallery
4th August - 28th august 2010