Saturday, September 24, 2011

A-M Gallery - Georgina Pollard

‘Through Line’

A beautiful narrative between what was and what is now.

I had the opportunity to interview Georgina on Radio via Eastside FM 89.7 while I co hosted ‘Doc Lisa’s What were you thinking’ half hour Art’s program, and we talked about her work and her life, just click on play at the bottom of this post and you can listen to the interview.

‘Through Line’ is Georgina’s first Solo and a strong solo too, starting her public visual art life in a quietly confident way, although these works are quite vocal as most of them come down on us like a tonne of bricks through their conception and perception. They act as though they are fragile ancient cloths but through their birth they have the strength of 10 wild horses.

I’ve not seen any work like this in my Art scene journeys, which is always a wonderful surprise when you see something new and they do have the ‘wow’ factor. I love how the paint has melded and makes it look like it’s been woven when it hasn’t and the ragged edges torn by gravity to the floor.

Seeing is believing and and it’s always good to be in the presence of talented people.

Fleur MacDonald

8th September - 1st October 2011
Georgina Pollard by Fleur MacDonald

Friday, September 23, 2011

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery - Dale Frank

‘Wacky Duck Fluffy Tom’ is an explosion of luscious colours, which made it all the more easier walking into the gallery with it’s yellow walls, brightly refreshing and warming the heart on the cool spring evening.

This is what I love, lengthy titles with substance, titles that tell a story before you look at the work and when you look at the work you see the story unfold right infront of you.

Dale Frank has developed and nurtured his painting style over a very long time, lovingly applying his technique to produce these luscious and glorious paintings.

I don’t have a favourite, I love them ALL!!! Every single 1 of them is to die for...

Fleur MacDonald

8th September - 1st October 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Damien Minton Gallery - Tom Carment

‘Places I’ve Been’

As there is over 80 works in this exhibition, I’m only picking out 5 of my bestest favourites as I love every single 1 of them otherwise I will write about this show until the cows come home.

‘Dawn, Middleback Station’, oil on wood panel, has that twilight effect, when all the colours are heightened and only happens in a very short time frame, but it’s dawn and the sky is a wash in colour with no clouds and the sun just starting to appear. It’s gorgeous!

‘House at Currarong’, oil on linen, I’m drawn to the expressive cloud display, bouncing in abundance above a lush green cottage setting.

‘Angel, Waverley Cemetery’, oil on wood panel, this is so beautiful, so serene and delicately detailed from a loaded brush. Tom has captured the strong presence this Angel holds over all of us, commanding the landscape and seascape from all evils of life and death.

‘Cradle Mountain, Overland Track’, pen, ink and watercolour on paper, a delightful soft and alluring triptych which really makes me want to go there and check it out for myself. A snapshot in 3 parts.

‘Easter Show II’, pigment ink on paper, Tom has wonderfully captured these friendly souls uncaged and caged, all they need now is captions. I love the geese!

Tom is a wonderful expressive plein air painter and a charming fellow too, he has given us a fantastic overview of his daily life, has let us sit next to him on his many painting trips and shown us in all the glory what he sees before him.

Fleur MacDonald

30th August - 24th September 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sullivan + Strumpf - Matthew Allen

Ok, I’m a bit late putting this post up, missed my own deadline... sorry!

I was a little excited about the news that Matthew had been picked up by a well established Gallery with a good reputation, so we can all be happy for him and hope this new relationship is long lasting.

And what a new space it is, my first visit and I’m overwhelmed by the sheer size of it.

‘Green over Orange’, acrylic and oil on canvas, 2008 would have to be my #1 favourite, when the afternoon light hit it at an angle the colours just changed, in fact these works need changing light to really propel themselves to even more greatness. And I’m always attracted to green.

These works are open fields of colour, colour which has melted together forming infinite colour ‘fields’. Beautiful sumptuous colours, thinly applied to the inch of there lives.

This was a wonderful show and I wait with bated breath till his next show. Well done!

Fleur MacDonald

25th August - 10th September 2011

The Cross Art Projects - Green Bans

If the Green Bans had not existed, then from Potts Point to Woolloomooloo in Sydney would not look half as nice as it does today.

Back in the 70’s local residents rallied and with help from the BLF stopped developers from doing what they love to do. There is a long and dark history that followed the Green Bans, from bashings, mass evictions to even murder, but if you need more information then it’s best to click here ..

Time would not allow me to go on the Green Bans Walk and I only got to see this show. But the work I saw was wonderful especially the watercolours by Fiona MacDonald.
Two different images were placed over each other like a double photograph but in watercolour, her technique is very affective and strikingly different and profound.

Both of us tried hard to reconnect for a film of her talking about the work, maybe next time.

This whole event was well worth the effort on Jo Holder and Fiona MacDonald’s part as every inch of this time in history was well researched and produced a fantastic exhibition.

Fleur MacDonald

6th August - 27th August 2010

Saturday, September 10, 2011

David Jones - Floriography, The Language of Flowers

Spring has Sprung and I stumbled across the spectacular flower display at David Jones Sydney city store, it felt as though the air conditioning had been turned up as it was like being in a florists fridge. The colours and many different smells of the amazing array of flowers was beautifully overwhelming as I went back for seconds, thirds, fourths and fifths.

This is a definite 1 for next years calender...

Fleur MacDonald

1st September - 11th September 2011