Monday, July 27, 2009

Gallery Barry Keldoulis - Sarah Smuts-Kennedy & Daniel Tempelman

You gotta love the flat pack Tardis by gallery artists Sean Cordeiro and Claire Healy

Another Day in Paradise with Sarah Smuts-Kennedy

Prospect-Daniel Tempelman

Love the bits of coal on fake clay ... add a couple of dressing tables and you've won me over... little trophies to nothingness

The medium of Daniel's work in the main gallery is carved masonite and is very blokey. They are clean and sleek.

Barry has created a space that is beautiful to visit, main gallery, project room and stockroom are almost one open room.
A treat...
23rd July - 29th August

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Evan Hughes - Kate Stehr

For an Artist who is only 28 years old her work is suprisingly strong, fun and witty and stands out for it's need for rugs.
July 24 - August 19 2009

Ray Hughes Gallery - Franck Gohier

The last painting is crap, but if I don't buy it I'll miss the b0at!!!

Really funny paintings.

So few people here, where was Ray, upstairs different story.
Franck Gohier was holding the fort and a real sweetheart and his art is funny, witty and worth a look at!!
24th July - 19th August 2009

Damien Minton Gallery - Interstate

Gush!!!! I bought one, a lovely painting from Gabrielle Collins called Upheaval 11

Upheavel11 was a lovely thing that Fleur found in the project room.... and the interstate show was kinda cool ... the Hill End show was so busy that no one could breathe, but this one you could, it had nice dog paintings and everyone loves puppies.
22nd July - 8th August 2009

kaliman Gallery - Ms and Mr

Jimmy looked through a video at a video ... not bad though ... liked it ...

The crowd was young and gorgeous and Vasili was beaming
25th July - 15th August 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It really was Australian Galleries Week, Pam Tippett, would have love to have met her!! I am in Awe!! The Ceramic show, oh my god, that was the best ceramic show I have seen in a long time!!
Did get to see the lovely Elizabeth Cummings. And talked to Euan McLeod at the Anne Thomson opening! Wow I have had a wonderful week!!
A lovely glass of wine and some excellent Art to look at, have seen some fantastic art this week and last, can't wait for next week!!! But I might have to go easy on the vino!! Fell over in the street last week, although it was a bit wet and I'm not injured, all is ok!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Anne Thomson - Australian Galleries, Glenmore Rd

Finally the last show of what seemed like the festival of Australian Galleries this week.

Anne Thomson's work is always strong and reliable. The landscapes show a much looser approach with an intense virility of colour.

Sorry though, 'Papier craft' is still just french for paperpulp cardboard.

Great crowd which included Michael Snape who we have seen 4 times this week, Euan MacLeod and Kerrie Lester.

Sorry Stuart for the glass on the plinth ... 

Contemporary Australian Ceramics from La Paloma Studio, Hill End NSW - Australian Galleries at Mary Place Gallery

We got to the point of halfway through the Ceramics Triennale kind of hoping not to see any more ceramics so we hadn't planned to go to this show.

Glad we did though ... finally some ceramics that really push the art button...

Highlights include some extremely quirky pieces from one of our favourites, Elizabeth Cummings...

Some large vessels from Garry Shead, incredibly moving ... as if the sum of his last decades work has bonded in just three powerful urns...

and Euan Macleod extending his boat series into ceramics...

Vicki Varvaressos / Frank Littler - Watters Gallery

It's always a pleasure to visit Watters Gallery, they've been very busy renovating the back end of the building and if you are very lucky Frank will endlessly talk about the affect it has had on his sinuses. 
Town portraits and surreal landscapes, when you go upstairs make sure you read the titles because there are lots of jokes and a treasure trove of weird ideas.
July 5th - August 8th

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pam Tippett - Australian Galleries, Roylston St

These paintings were extraordinary, Tippett's treatment of silk is really something to be seen.

Proof also that paintings of fruit and veg always sell ...