Sunday, August 30, 2009

King St Gallery on William - Salvatore Gerardi

Somewhat confusing show as to where the collaboration starts and finishes.

Nature inspired carbonundum and woodblock prints.

Print collaborators were Paul Smith master printer eStudio Editions, Brenda Tye, Peter Sharp, Michelle Watts and Sussie Heymans.

We did like the bird pictures...

Please pardon the sloppy camera work.

25th August - 19th September 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Breenspace - Tim Silver

This is "kick arse great"

Can only imagine the time that has been spent in preparing for this show, to come up with this
fantastic concept.

Creating an object and then slowly letting it dissolve - a real time, time lapse film.

Not hard to be biased, but I once shared a house with Tim in the mid 90's and he was a great house mate, and I have enjoyed his Art practice since.

It was a real treat to find the undissolved objects on display in the office.

Thank you to Breenspace for making my first and not last visit enjoyable.

27th August - 26th September 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Barometer Gallery - Australian Naturally

We stumbled across this opening by accident, it was lovely to meet Barbara.

Her concept for this space is quite cool it's hireable ... we don't know the terms but hey it's on a great street....

We never realised there was so many colours that you could make from tea!!!! ...but apparently that's the lost art of shibori ...

19th August - 28th August 2009

Iain Dawson Gallery - Simon Collins

That wonderful point when you wonder when everything at home is ok, it's the point when everything changes a fraction of time and a fractional end destination.

Heavily applied by palette knife and that always will please us and remember we are painters.

This is one of the loveliest shows we've seen since we have been doing sixtoeight.

Why such a short show?

19th August - 29th August 2009

Roslyn Oxley9 - Marley Dawson

The Box of Birds

Joy and Tony Dawson, proud parents of Marley

The smoke machine was cool and the Box of Bird's clunky grace was totally mesmerising.

When we met his parents his father spoke of him wanting his son to be an engineer and his mother was more concerned that the gallery had hung his work crooked, neither realised that the work was mechanised.

They were all very sweet but he should talk to his parents more.

20th August - 12th September

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

James Dorahy Project Space - Sarah Newall

We love Sarah, she's a great artist and we cant even pretend to be unbiased ...

The crocheted flowers and ferns in plywood fanta bottles are a highlight, as is the juxtaposition of sci-fi and a William Morris fabric design (apparently taken from a swatch from the family lounge suite of her childhood).

These are odd, nostalgic and strangely personal works. It's well worth a look.

18th August - 6th September, 2009

Robin Gibson Gallery - Richard Morris & Hui Selwood

We don't get to Robin Gibson Gallery very often, have missed that delicious beer and the wonderful enclosed veranda. A friendly crowd and Robin Gibson in his tracky dacks ...

Hui Selwood's sculptures are reminiscent of the 60's to 70's executive toys, would have been fun if they swang and clicked off each other.

Richard and Sam Morris, but for age, look almost identical and it was good to talk to Sam about his fathers work.

15th August - 9th September, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Australian Galleries - Michael Fitzjames

With a lot on last night we chose to go to Michaels show and just relax which felt a little bit like sightseeing, junks and skyscrapers in Shanghai, Rushcutters Bay, Byron Bay, The Hawkesbury... If this guy isn't getting around he must have a vivid imagination.

We loved the boat painting...
A few old friends in the lovely crowd and who is the new waiter?
We were very tired, everyone was calm, and it was quite a tonic.

But where was Michael Snape?


13th August - 22nd August 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Australian Galleries-Peter Wegner

Another Melbourne Artist, of course we go.
You have to support your interstate colleague's, and it's weird that so few people turn up to interstate shows even though they know they can trust the art at Australian Galleries...
Sounds panderous but it's true...
Peter's poet and muse, Graeme Doyle performed at the opening, he did a great job; he was very entertaining and poets they don't get much action... So...woo hoo! Let him go!
Lots of Puppies, got to love puppies.
Thanks Pam for making us feel good.

Poet in red suit or Christmas in July.

Peter Wegner

11th August-29th August

Monday, August 10, 2009

Salmon Galleries-Lyn Burns, Helen Davies & Yvonne Langshaw

So Saturday afternoon we're off to the Dark Side...

Group show called Studio 7 coming from George Gittoes Master Classes

Now we have never really understood George Gittoes since the non official War Artist went off to War, it all seemed to be a little bit "look at me".

What a pleasure it was to meet Gabrielle Dalton, we had one of the loveliest conversations and look forward to meeting her again.

We are usually comfortably stuck in our rutt in the eastern suburbs and it's always nice to be reminded that art is made and the sun shines in other places as well...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Orson & Blake-Louise Tuckwell

Paintings and Tapestries Love the tapestries, refined, modern and simple. The works on canvas work so much better framed, as the diptich on the end of the wall is in the perfect frame and looks fabulous. It was great to see so many people after not seeing them for so long, where did they go?... that's right we use to see them at Olsen Carr openings... Hello to Mary Shackman, it's always a pleasure lt's all really Bauhaus and Bauhaus is not a bad house to hang around in. Lovely wine ... shame about the the plastic cups ... maybe we should have got there earlier or just stolen someone's glass Orson & Blake have been in there current location for 7 years and hold monthly exhibitions, maybe they should tell people that ... oh and they are also in Woollahra.

5th August - 31st August 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gallery 9-Bradd Westmoreland-Sleepwalkers and Dreamers

Always hard for an interstate artist to get an audience outside of their state and so we always go to their shows.

We have been to both shows of Bradds and alas nothing has changed from the first one.

Protege of James Mollison, who was there on the day.

Feeling a bit like being in ye olde de Chirico town.

29th July-15th August 2009

King St Gallery on William-Idris Murphy-I-Thou

The forest with no trees, there was so many people there, you could not see the paintings which means Idris is very popular.

Jimmy's first painting teacher, so very very biased but no real need to be because the work gets more and more interesting.

We both need to revisit the show as we couldn't see anything for the number of people we couldn't get near to and wanted to talk to.

That damn glass cleaner didn't turn up, which means we couldn't get a drink.

James Dorahy Project Space - Matt Glenn - RAVEN

Shiny Shiny Shiny!!!!! Coney Island thrown in for good measure.
Don't really know why the show's called Raven.
This guy used auto paint, shot guns and 0.38 caliber pistols to slam away at stuff ... the mirrors covered in auto paint are kinda wacky bearing in mind that you can still see yourself ... but just not as clearly ...
Crowd was young and sleek.
Matt does work at Martin Browne down the road ... so we had a few Browne Alumni and the stock of a few clothes shops we can't afford ...

Cool tattoo ... shame pic was a little funny ... new camera that night and all will get better ... next two posts are kinda camera dodgy!

28th July-16th August 2009