Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Xavier Art Space - Alice Stokes

I must confess that I didn't actually attend the opening of this show. Fleur went along but with her in hospital after surgery to remove her pituitary tumour I'm winging it.

Alice's drawings are intricate and personal and she has one of the best artist statements I've come across for a long time, which I'm going to quote liberally... "under the dust is a catalogue of outdated medical instruments. These intimate objects sit on an empty page with no contextual reference. Once ordinary tools associated with pain and disease and now admired for their quaint craftmanship. Our shiny toys of today's technology will also collect dust and fall into obscurity."

This show is part of St Vincents Healing Arts Program. I like their commitment to art, it certainly humanises the hospital.

22nd April
St Vincent's Hospital

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

James Dorahy Project Space - Paul Ogier

Gee, Paul makes beautiful work!!!

I bought a work a while ago with my Rudd money and I still love it...

Dark, melodic, sensual, melancholy the list goes on...Paul captures peaceful moments in the Penrose State Forest...from ominous beginnings...

20th April - 18th May 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Gallipoli Club - The Gallipoli Art Prize

I've never seen so many cameras covering one small art prize in my life... or for that matter so many suits.

It's a funny concept when you really think about it, a painting prize with a brief that is to paint something about Gallipoli ... honourable though, what they are doing is taking ten years to put together a collection that will go to Turkey on the centenary of the Gallipoli campaign in 2015.

It was great to see Eli and his crew.  They managed to lighten up the dark maroon walls of the Gallipoli Clubs top floor.  It's an intimidating space...

Fleur had a work in the show and it looked great, its behind her in a pic above.

I can't help but think that the idea of building a collection is guiding the judging of this prize. The winner was a good painting of a cenotaph, but the one beside it, Peter Gardiner's large trench painting was beautiful... I"m thinking that maybe there's a fear of it all being about trenches...?

written by james
21st April - 14th May 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Peter Nelson - Flinders Street Gallery

This is the second show of Peter's I've seen at Flinders Street Gallery and this time the cardboard sculptures have got huge!

The restrained works on paper remind me of Robert Klippel drawings and abstract details of computer games. Wish I'd been cashed up because one of the small ones in the hallway would have been very lovely to have.

There is more than a litle architect in this lad and I really think that he should get the job of designing Banangaroo Point ... that would be something to see...

Jason keeps coming up with the goods at Flinders Street, openings are always friendly and you're always fairly certain that you are going to find something that pleases.

Flinders Street Gallery
8th April - 1st May

Sara Freeman - Charles Hewitt Gallery

When these paintings work they really work... there's a spectacular mesh design with 5 red dots embedded in it that people just emanated to ... probably one of the loveliest paintings I've seen in months ... when they tend toward the Broadhurst wallpaper designs they lost me a bit.

Painted in egg tempera and given a good coat of beeswax their surfaces glisten ... a strong show.

Charles Hewitt Gallery
8 - 26 April 2010

James Dorahy Project Space - Murray Hilton

Murray's new photos are a treat, he's manipulated them and kind of twisted them into very slick Rorschach Ink blots, a bit like Ben Quilty paintings but without the paint or the lumps ... the result is very seductive.

After the collapsed lung debarcle that stopped the opening going ahead this was an afternoon 'versimmage'(?) ... very layed back and calm.

23rd March - 18th April 2010

Mary Shackman - Charles Hewitt Gallery

I love Mary and it's great to finally see her work in a large space.

I've seen so many shows by Mary, from the last supper to puppies in the park to painting in nail polish... This is the third show of Mary's colour field work I have seen and each one has become more consistent. Love the Bondi landscapes ...

A very good crowd and caught up with a lot of people I hadn't seen since the last show in Glenmore Road.

Charles Hewitt Gallery
8 - 26 April 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery - Tracey Moffatt

We are so fortunate that Tracey found these images again and bought them to life for all to share!!!

Ok, they could have been shot anywhere, but they reminded Fleur of Central Queensland, where she grew up...

The almost aged affect is beautifully done, with each photo telling it's own story to full affect!!!

We saw lots of old faces and it was hard work trying to catch up with all of them and it's always great to enjoy a beverage on the cool veranda...

9th April - 1st May 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gallery at 28 - Chas Glover

Have been hanging to check out Gallery@28 after meeting the lovely Director Kate at Artsydney and Kate was thrilled too!!!

Chas Glover, a friend of a friend who we met on facebook...ah, facebook...has done some great paintings, especially love the bike series, a clever chap to be able to paint himself while riding...how does he do it???

Always great to catch up with the wonderful Euan Macleod...and the gallery got so packed that everyone ended up on the footpath, but it was a great night had by all and Chas was smiling from ear to ear...and even the knife wielding yellow poodle was smiling too...wacky...

7th April - 20th April 2010