Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Gallipoli Club - The Gallipoli Art Prize

I've never seen so many cameras covering one small art prize in my life... or for that matter so many suits.

It's a funny concept when you really think about it, a painting prize with a brief that is to paint something about Gallipoli ... honourable though, what they are doing is taking ten years to put together a collection that will go to Turkey on the centenary of the Gallipoli campaign in 2015.

It was great to see Eli and his crew.  They managed to lighten up the dark maroon walls of the Gallipoli Clubs top floor.  It's an intimidating space...

Fleur had a work in the show and it looked great, its behind her in a pic above.

I can't help but think that the idea of building a collection is guiding the judging of this prize. The winner was a good painting of a cenotaph, but the one beside it, Peter Gardiner's large trench painting was beautiful... I"m thinking that maybe there's a fear of it all being about trenches...?

written by james
21st April - 14th May 2010

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