Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brenda May Gallery - Leslie Oliver & Michael Edwards

As a painter of objects myself, I felt quite at home looking at these works of Michael Edwards and fell for "Still life with package and red cloth"...

Michael's choice of colours were perfectly balanced, with muted backgrounds bringing the ordinary objects into the spotlight...and loved the colours of "Still life with kitchen Utensils"...

Leslie Oliver has created a unique storyline in each of these works, playfully creating a novel of an idea...and I like the chairs, don't stop the chairs...

23rd February - 21st March 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery - Denise Oates

I first saw Denise's work at a group show at Brenda May Gallery at Dank Street and so was very pleased to see a whole show of these intricate pipe constructions. Airy and fluid, it's hard to believe that they're made of copper piping ... especially the incredible softness of the big wall piece, which looks far more like wicker than metal.

The central piece, a large freestanding wave shaped piece is just begging to sit beside someone's pool.

T'was grand to get to go to an opening before leaving Coffs... but it was a funny crowd, we didn't know most of them ... dinner with Dr Phil, Ruthie, Cathy and Angela at Amalphi... then even a spot of old time dancing at the Coffs Ex serices club!

A really lovely night.

Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery
26th February - 26th March

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Australian Galleries - Glenmore - National Art School Award Exhibition

I have been waiting with bated breath for Australian Galleries to re-open and I was not disappointed!!!

Two wonderful shows by two wonderful young artist's...

A whimsical use of colour, imagery and words helped Claire Sandford's work almost jump out from the walls...And you just couldn't walk past the 48 paneled work "Transmission" without stopping...It stopped me!!!

The darkness lurks in almost forboding shadows in Dean Brown's etchings with short delivered titles!!!

Although I'm not a printmaker...I'm a sucker for it...And loved every single work in the entire Gallery...

25th February - 20th March 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

James Dorahy Project Space - Marita Fraser

A wonderful mix of mediums from stryofoam, collage, fabric and resin...All working together to create a unique storyline...

I was quite taken with the "Untitled Diagram 2010" work in resin and re-visited the work a few times in the course of the evening!!!

And as always the crowd was young and hip, but this time with tasty sangria flowing...

23rd february - 21st March 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Flinders Street Gallery - Teo Treloar

A lttle bit William Kentridge, a little bit scientific, a lot of humour and a little bit nuts!

Intimate and very intricate... a truly beautiful show

I'd been looking forward to this one since seeing the invite, friendly young crowd and what a sweety Teo is ...

11th February - 6th March 2010

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery - Dale Frank

With Jimmy up the coast and a LOT of openings on I headed first to Roslyn Oxley not too sure I'd enjoy the show... but was totally blown away by it.

Now I love green so of course I was going to be happy.

Now I must confess to an enormous faux pas. I had never met Dale Frank
and I found someone smoking in the stockroom. I didn't know it was him and asked him not too, then told the staff there was some guy smoking in the stockroom... And it was him!!!

Sorry Roslyn and Dale, hope you can forgive me...

11th February - 6th March 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

King Street Gallery on William - Paul Ferman

With Jimmy up in Coffs Harbour working on his next show, he was very sorry to have missed this beautiful show of Pauls...being a fan and all...

Beautifully hung with exquisite lighting to complement the work.

Very different views from very different train trips...for all my trips to Galleries and looking at the different perspectives, this show bought back all those memories in some sort of way to realize that their is a different way to look at your everyday life...

But from a different angle, such as under the bridge it makes us realize that there is life in this space...the flash of light...the silent shadow...exaggerated colour...mood swings amour...

A brilliant temperance from a long lost Renaissance painting...tis a brilliant show...

And checkout the Immolation of the Followers of St will be surprised...

9th February - 6th March 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Martin Browne Fine Art - Kirsteen Pieterse

Lots and lots of sticks, and they are lovely sticks. Monument to the third International in the stainless steel, they lean over challenging gravity.

Fave work the acrylic and wood number in the corner, visually it almost falls, but lawdy lawdy... the wood is lighter than ... oh you get the drift ... wood ...

The pencil drawings are a migraine sufferers panic, so intricate ... but the pick of them is the VERY beautiful organic piece in the back room ...

Ok so I'd just come back from the National Park and was being a bit of a naturalist, but it did remind me of those exquisite drawings of Wolsley Point by Lloyd Rees.

4th February - 28th February 2010