Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fleur's Christmas Message for 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A - M Gallery - Taking Stock

Not really my day for technology, lost the 'word' software and the video of this show from my computer.  Doesn't matter I have photo's to share and the experience of a fantastic diverse show.

A-M Gallery is one to keep an eye on, it's in a great location being Wilson Street, Newtown in the heart of the inner west of Sydney and having 2 Directors who are young and enthusiastic about Art and their Artist's.

Love being introduced to new Artist's work and love seeing the familiar faces and their work again after an absence.  I pretty much loved everything in this show and that includes the cheese and wine.

'Our Safe Home' ink pen on Arches paper by Justin Cooper was intense and beautiful,  but wished I could have gotten closer to it as I had to fight with the reflection from the window.  'Desp' and 'Cliff Face 111' both painted recycled cardboard by Caroline Duffy are intriguing and fantastic at the same time,  a wonderful way to recycle cardboard boxes, just loved them.  'Endless' acrylic paint by Georgina Pollard is one of those works that just impales you, stops you in your tracks and makes you just stand there and stare at it's beauty trying to decipher the woven paint. Quite mesmerizing.

 Beautiful giant 'Bush Catherdral' willow charcoal on paper by Petrea Fellows.  Really loved 'Sidewise' oil on canvas by Inga Dalymple, it's structure is compelling and perfectly balanced, also her 'Cactus in a Brown Bag' watercolour on paper was somehow comforting after a long day.

Two fabulous photographs by two very talented photographers, 'Untitled from All the matter in the universe is from the heart of a dying star (concrete)' Lambda print on wood by Kate Beckingham, it's like a cactus flower that only flowers once a year, stunningly beautiful, something to be remembered. 'Extremist Activity (Mount) Lambda print by Cigdem Aydemir throws humorous caution to the wind, love it..!

'Street Corner' Unique bronze by Cathy Weiszmann, her work is amazing, her story telling in a heavy substance is certainly unique.  'Pachamama' linen, cotton, metallic yarn and wool by Charlotte Haywood is a wonderful little piece, so sorry I don't have a decent photo of it to show it off to the world.

This show may now be over but it's Artist's will go on and make new work and wow more audiences either in their studio's or in other shows in other galleries. 

Fleur MacDonald

5th December - 22nd December 2012

Robin Gibson Gallery - Clipboard Show

Had not been to the Robin Gibson Gallery in a while and was very interested to see how this show looked and was kinda surprised how great it did. A novel idea especially around Christmas as offering any great idea for presents is well worth a go.

The Cash Brown ‘Muzzle’ works were one of my favourites, I love the brown paper bag and her ability to show us something a little different is always welcome. A little annoyed I missed out on the Zoe Tweedale ‘Polar Bear’ so jealous of it’s new owner, I first saw it on Facebook and I guess that’s the one that dragged me to the Gallery in the first place.

So many to love and cherish, the Addison Marshall ‘Thanks Adam’ gave me a giggle.

And that’s what it’s all about, a bit of humour and lots of talent and the art of giving a gift of Art.

Fleur MacDonald

8th December - 22nd December 2012

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Flinders Street Gallery - Halinka Orszulok

Post show Review, think it’s ok to be late with this, it is after all one of those show’s that will stay with you for a very long time and in my case, life got in the way. These paintings were and are beautiful, expertly executed in an almost spooky style. One thing I need to say is that I’m not a fan of painting from photographs, especially landscapes but I think in this case it’s ok and works wonders, I don’t think it’s very safe for a young gorgeous woman to be standing on the corner of a dark street painting her view, best to be done in the studio.

I have two favourites, the first one is ‘Magical Thinking’ oil on canvas, this painting has the viewer standing in the thick darkness of the forest looking towards a well lit car park, there is a seat of some sort jutting out in the middle of the darkness parallel with the shadow of the trees, it has a definite magical spookiness about it and I find it quite appealing and strangely comforting.

There is wispy silhouettes of leaves and grass blades which seem to dance and frolic in the white light casting lengthy shadows. Is someone hiding in the forest..?

My second favourite is ‘Creek’ oil on canvas, it too is strangely comforting in it’s dark and eerie kind of way, love how Halinka can paint the grass and make it so we just want to lie down on and roll around. Lots of shadows and distant lights all add to it’s serenity and beauty.

Gorgeous and a sheer delight.

Fleur MacDonald

20th November - 8th December 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gallery Red - David Quoy

In this, his first solo David Quoy is showing immense exuberance in using such a beautiful classic medium such as etching he has implored desire and a strong necessity for matter of fact humour and not just humour but a commentary on our existence, exploring today’s popular culture while trying to remind us not to forget where we came from and what life is all about.

Was a little excited getting the invitation to his first solo after enjoying his work in many group show’s. The detail in these works is lovingly intense and at sometimes romantic, but that’s a good thing and not just etchings but there is also sculpture and I fell in love with ‘False Idols’ caste bronze, timber, gold engraving, so cool with it’s golden contemplation on a past life and the plaster versions scattered out below.

Good to visit a new gallery in a suburb I don’t get to very often, well not at all but hopefully will again and one day in the future I hope to give etching a go, as I have always been a little interested in the process, although I do enjoy sitting back and gazing upon the finished product.

‘The Noughties...WTF?’ is a show not to be missed, get on a bus to Glebe and see it!

Fleur MacDonald
9th November - 20th November 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Damien Minton Annex - Isabel Gomez

Oh well yet another opening I missed but love her work and had to go see the show before it closed. Haven’t been to the Annex in ages and finally found it after going the wrong way and found this stunning landscape show. I’ve seen a bit of her work in group shows but not had the chance to see a solo until now.

It’s not a huge show but with 23 works it really packed a punch and made me miss my life as a landscape painter. Oh Isabel your landscapes are lovely, with your fluid brush strokes, your perfect perspective and your wonderful colour matching. These paintings are to die for, they are careful descriptive snapshots either during the day or winding round a darkened evening highway.

The intimate portraits of her sleeping dog ‘Maggie’ are just fabulous, you can sense her asleep, snoring peacefully and comfortably.

It’s one of those shows that stays with you as there is a serenity about them, no chit chat busy stuff but quiet peaceful works that empower the painter and the viewer, that same feeling like your standing on top of the tallest mountain.

Fleur MacDonald
7th November - 17th November 2012

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Factory 49 - Louise Blyton

With a wonderful corner work by Gary Deirmendjian and another beautiful wall work across the road at the biscuit factory by Kate MacKay and also some really lovely delicate work in the Office Project Space by Susan Buret, Louise Blyton was in good company. Really love the nature of Factory 49 but sometimes it’s a bit hard for me to get there but a pleasure when I finally do and had to make an extra effort since Louise is a Melbourne Artist and I also like to support out of towner’s.

I’ve been an admirer of Louise Blyton’s work for some time now and since becoming friends on facebook it was wonderful to finally meet her for the first time at her opening.

Louise has a fundamental understanding of the nature of colour and pigment, how hues of one pigment can playfully play a negative reflection against a background of raw linen. In ‘Long Love Days’ her choice of cobalt teal pigment on narrow stretched linen running in a line across the walls of the gallery creating an image that’s close to Morse Code is truly breathtaking and sublime. But my favourite would have to be the tyrian pink pigment on linen, it plays with my mind with it’s double negative and the slightest hint of a lighter hue hiding within the circle of the hottest of pink is totally mesmerizingly gorgeous.

Fleur MacDonald

17th October - 27th October 2012