Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gallery Red - David Quoy

In this, his first solo David Quoy is showing immense exuberance in using such a beautiful classic medium such as etching he has implored desire and a strong necessity for matter of fact humour and not just humour but a commentary on our existence, exploring today’s popular culture while trying to remind us not to forget where we came from and what life is all about.

Was a little excited getting the invitation to his first solo after enjoying his work in many group show’s. The detail in these works is lovingly intense and at sometimes romantic, but that’s a good thing and not just etchings but there is also sculpture and I fell in love with ‘False Idols’ caste bronze, timber, gold engraving, so cool with it’s golden contemplation on a past life and the plaster versions scattered out below.

Good to visit a new gallery in a suburb I don’t get to very often, well not at all but hopefully will again and one day in the future I hope to give etching a go, as I have always been a little interested in the process, although I do enjoy sitting back and gazing upon the finished product.

‘The Noughties...WTF?’ is a show not to be missed, get on a bus to Glebe and see it!

Fleur MacDonald
9th November - 20th November 2012

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