Thursday, November 8, 2012

Galerie Pompom - Nana Ohnesorge

This Artist has always proven to me to be daring, colourful and so in tune with her surroundings, at first glance ‘Changing Colours’ to me seemed Nana Ohnesorge was laughing at everyone, not just at her peers, the establishment but every man woman child and pet. But this show is serious, really serious, our own historical existence reminding us whitey’s of where we came from, reminding us of what those first settlers did to the indigenous population, telling the story in a whole new beautifully modern way.

Loved ‘Interference 1(outbreak)’ and ‘Interference 2 (violation)’ both ink jet print, watercolour, paper collage, acrylic ink & cardboard puzzle pieces on watercolour paper. These works showed strength in character but in a very quiet subtle way.

There is exuberance in Nana’s work, there is no sign of namby pamby, more like gun’s a blazing which show’s this Artist has gut’s and that’s what I like.

Fleur MacDonald

2nd October - 27th October 2012

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  1. Also loved this show. And nice work with the video preview.