Saturday, September 22, 2012

Galerie Pompom - Rochelle Haley

Dead Precious is one of those shows that left me feeling all tingly, a little excited and overwhelmed by such beauty. It was a delicious delight just to gaze upon this work of precious jewels that sparkle and twinkle in the light. Glorious stones embedded into tiny skeletons of animals, intense attention to detail bring the works to life and I’m a real sucker for that kind of painting.

‘Peridot’ the skeleton of a snake surrounding two emerald gems is a very insanely delicate work, so precise is her brush strokes that just looking at it feels like the skeleton would crumble.

As a user of Watercolour myself I find it can be treacherous to work with, you make a mistake and that’s it, it’s all over. The fine detailed painted lines and the delicate balance of using too much water or not enough, but it is a really lovely medium and Rochelle has created some intensely gorgeous pieces to die for.

Every single painting in this show is truly memorizing and utterly delicious!

Fleur MacDonald

28th August - 22nd September 2012


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