Sunday, December 9, 2012

Flinders Street Gallery - Halinka Orszulok

Post show Review, think it’s ok to be late with this, it is after all one of those show’s that will stay with you for a very long time and in my case, life got in the way. These paintings were and are beautiful, expertly executed in an almost spooky style. One thing I need to say is that I’m not a fan of painting from photographs, especially landscapes but I think in this case it’s ok and works wonders, I don’t think it’s very safe for a young gorgeous woman to be standing on the corner of a dark street painting her view, best to be done in the studio.

I have two favourites, the first one is ‘Magical Thinking’ oil on canvas, this painting has the viewer standing in the thick darkness of the forest looking towards a well lit car park, there is a seat of some sort jutting out in the middle of the darkness parallel with the shadow of the trees, it has a definite magical spookiness about it and I find it quite appealing and strangely comforting.

There is wispy silhouettes of leaves and grass blades which seem to dance and frolic in the white light casting lengthy shadows. Is someone hiding in the forest..?

My second favourite is ‘Creek’ oil on canvas, it too is strangely comforting in it’s dark and eerie kind of way, love how Halinka can paint the grass and make it so we just want to lie down on and roll around. Lots of shadows and distant lights all add to it’s serenity and beauty.

Gorgeous and a sheer delight.

Fleur MacDonald

20th November - 8th December 2012

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