Saturday, December 22, 2012

A - M Gallery - Taking Stock

Not really my day for technology, lost the 'word' software and the video of this show from my computer.  Doesn't matter I have photo's to share and the experience of a fantastic diverse show.

A-M Gallery is one to keep an eye on, it's in a great location being Wilson Street, Newtown in the heart of the inner west of Sydney and having 2 Directors who are young and enthusiastic about Art and their Artist's.

Love being introduced to new Artist's work and love seeing the familiar faces and their work again after an absence.  I pretty much loved everything in this show and that includes the cheese and wine.

'Our Safe Home' ink pen on Arches paper by Justin Cooper was intense and beautiful,  but wished I could have gotten closer to it as I had to fight with the reflection from the window.  'Desp' and 'Cliff Face 111' both painted recycled cardboard by Caroline Duffy are intriguing and fantastic at the same time,  a wonderful way to recycle cardboard boxes, just loved them.  'Endless' acrylic paint by Georgina Pollard is one of those works that just impales you, stops you in your tracks and makes you just stand there and stare at it's beauty trying to decipher the woven paint. Quite mesmerizing.

 Beautiful giant 'Bush Catherdral' willow charcoal on paper by Petrea Fellows.  Really loved 'Sidewise' oil on canvas by Inga Dalymple, it's structure is compelling and perfectly balanced, also her 'Cactus in a Brown Bag' watercolour on paper was somehow comforting after a long day.

Two fabulous photographs by two very talented photographers, 'Untitled from All the matter in the universe is from the heart of a dying star (concrete)' Lambda print on wood by Kate Beckingham, it's like a cactus flower that only flowers once a year, stunningly beautiful, something to be remembered. 'Extremist Activity (Mount) Lambda print by Cigdem Aydemir throws humorous caution to the wind, love it..!

'Street Corner' Unique bronze by Cathy Weiszmann, her work is amazing, her story telling in a heavy substance is certainly unique.  'Pachamama' linen, cotton, metallic yarn and wool by Charlotte Haywood is a wonderful little piece, so sorry I don't have a decent photo of it to show it off to the world.

This show may now be over but it's Artist's will go on and make new work and wow more audiences either in their studio's or in other shows in other galleries. 

Fleur MacDonald

5th December - 22nd December 2012

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