Saturday, August 22, 2009

Iain Dawson Gallery - Simon Collins

That wonderful point when you wonder when everything at home is ok, it's the point when everything changes a fraction of time and a fractional end destination.

Heavily applied by palette knife and that always will please us and remember we are painters.

This is one of the loveliest shows we've seen since we have been doing sixtoeight.

Why such a short show?

19th August - 29th August 2009


  1. Thank you Fleur and James for covering this, and thanks to all who turned out! Pleased to learn of your project and now an avid follwer. Simon.

  2. Yep it sure is a great show. Beautiful gutsy paint and brave pictorial choices.
    Well worth the drive from Melbourne to see it!
    Glad you put this post up (and a great shot of my little boy too, thanks).

  3. Hi James and fleur, I really like these pictures (simon collins).. not heard of him before, not sure if this looks like the funnest party, but I do like these pictures...Rachel