Thursday, August 6, 2009

Orson & Blake-Louise Tuckwell

Paintings and Tapestries Love the tapestries, refined, modern and simple. The works on canvas work so much better framed, as the diptich on the end of the wall is in the perfect frame and looks fabulous. It was great to see so many people after not seeing them for so long, where did they go?... that's right we use to see them at Olsen Carr openings... Hello to Mary Shackman, it's always a pleasure lt's all really Bauhaus and Bauhaus is not a bad house to hang around in. Lovely wine ... shame about the the plastic cups ... maybe we should have got there earlier or just stolen someone's glass Orson & Blake have been in there current location for 7 years and hold monthly exhibitions, maybe they should tell people that ... oh and they are also in Woollahra.

5th August - 31st August 2009

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