Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Australian Galleries - Roylston - A sculpture by ...

It wasn't me Stuart ...

With Fleur at the opera it was up to me to carry the mantle and cover Australian Galleries sculpture show.

There's soooooo much work in this show with something to please everyone ... well perhaps too much work because while walking around you tend to get a bit blase about it all. It's a bit "Oh ... another sculpture ..."

Good crowd including Kerrie Lester, Rodney Pople and Pam Tippet. We're looking forward to catching up with Pam and Cal in Coffs Harbour for the EMSLA prize.

Apparently Michael Snape was there but he must have been hiding from me...

It's not really a show that you can take in at an opening, more one that you spend a quiet hour at late some afternoon.

6th October - 24th October

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