Saturday, March 13, 2010

Roslyn Oxley9 - Imants Tillers

It's usually Fleur that gushes on this blog ... but my god this show is IT ... the quotes are there and it's funny and sad and well ... iridescent paint is one of my least favourite things but here it really works...

OK that Kngwarreye ripoff in the small room is just wrong ... but no one was looking at it because the full wall of beautiful was there to take their attention away.

I've seen a lot of Tillers work in my life and even ordered his canvas boards in another life (well it seems like that ... it was just working at Oxford Art  ... errrrrrrrrrghhhh...) and this is a show that everyone MUST see.

How gushy is that?

Go and look ...
11th March -1 April, 2010

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