Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Iain Dawson Gallery - Leila Jeffreys & Maree Alexander

Hope Chest by Maree Alexander, a tender series of large photographs of as it seems friends belongings with titles such as ‘Anna’s Comb’ and ‘Eunice’s Glove’... Intimate moments in time captured in a calming light... Loved 'Eunice’s Glove’, at first glance I thought it was a cardigan which made me take a closer look and realize it’s a glove encasing a lovely silver teapot... These are very quiet pieces that almost makes you want to whisper in there presence...

Names are a common theme within both of these artists work... Leila Jeffreys larger photographs of Budgerigar’s are bright, bold and beautiful portraits of colourful characters such as ‘Mrs Plume’ and ‘Bruce’... ‘Spencer’ with his almost regal stance looks incredibly proud!!!

These works give you the opportunity to study these birds in naturalistic detail and make you realize they may be small but are they are large in life...

Written by Fleur

16th November - 5th December 2010

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