Saturday, February 5, 2011

Index - Small Works for a Large Universe

What a lovely time I had, after catching 2 unairconditioned trains to the inner west I found a small oasis at Index and met up with 3 people who I’d befriended on facebook...

Alex Wisser and Georgina Pollard have created a safe space for artists, where they can work on their concepts and then exhibit them, it seems like the natural progression.

Can I?, just can I play favourites, no! Not here, all these works are worthy of a mention!!!

‘Suspicion of Bondage’ by Nicole Toms is a small beautifully detailed painting while ‘Quiet Cracking Yawn’ by Alex Jackson Wyatt is a stark contrast in abstraction and ‘Fluffy’ by Peter Williamson has a stunning hidden agenda in creating a new world... A small practice in what art works inspire others is seen here in ‘Strange Bedfellows’ by Tom Isaacs and I must also say, I too am inspired by Anselm Kiefer.

A wonderful piece that captures memories, ‘This is Why I Paint’ by Thomas c.Chung and has Sue Storry found a way to recycle her hair with ‘Untitled_1(hair piece series 2) I think is quite sweet. And as we are all attracted to mirrors ‘Salt for a small wound’ by Gilbert Grace helps us to perceive what we may not see. I recognised Melanie E Khava’s work straight away, fine thin thread, matte colour, semi abstraction, ‘Untitled:Black:16’ is a small but very loud piece...

Oh dear, sorry Alex Wisser I missed getting you in action on video, ‘There are more of us than there are stars’ answered my question to your request on facebook, and the white pages proves it... ‘Sample’ by Georgina Pollard with it’s quiet reflection on colour is just a clear reminder and works for me! Westfield should take note of Anthony Bartok’s ‘Drifting’, and ‘Ro’s Pendulum’ by Ro Murray is a strong stark reminder of our worlds predicament...

‘Cry I more’ by Monica Levy, speaks volumes with these small unobtrusive works! ‘Suggestion’ by Adrian Clement says it all... Has Kate Mackay found the perfect escape from painting, ‘Suspended Cube’ a wonderful example of a life unfolding as a colourful cube. ‘Paint’ by Lynn Cook is another painters fascination with applying paint and we got to love that... ‘Untitled’ by Steven Fasan, kinda liked this miniature world on a plinth and ‘Volcanic Idyll 1, 2’ by Ben Croser, is this his answer to our questions as to why there is so many volcano’s erupting, not sure but I liked it anyway...

It’s a great working space at Index, and a great working space needs a relaxing area out the back... All in all this show works wonderfully, it may be a bit of a hike for me to get there from the Cross but I made it and hope to return... And I’d also like to add a thank you to facebook...

Written by Fleur

4th February - 19th February 2011


  1. that is a wonderful piece of writing Fleur!

  2. ..thanks for your comments Fleur..monica (: