Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tim Olsen Gallery - Guy Maestri

A large crowd at Tim Olsen that was difficult to manoeuvre but quite thrilling just the same... Everybody knows.. Winner of the Archibald and a most technically gifted Painter!!!

Landscapes of Hill End, Robertson, The Southern Highlands and surrounds... The small works are a series of ink on paper studies... Minimal, tonal and confident introductions to the paintings... The Landscapes are so confident and bold in their directness, deconstructed forms with strong and assured painting...

Broad slathered oils with enamel, of a fresh coloured palette and then the darker palette are slashed across large canvas's of linen. The fresh palette, these paintings sit happily amongst the darker palette paintings which are romantic....

Terraced Landscapes of distance and foreground, I liked the fuzz/blurr paint of airbrush creating contrast to the definition of the foreground and glimpses of primed white empty linen... And works that struck a chord were ‘Hill End about 6pm’ I wonder what happens then?, ‘The Rock Where the Swallows Roost at Mary Flyns Water Hole’ offers a strong and distinct work almost symbolic and perhaps a nod to another great Australian painter... ‘The Bridle Track’ (I’ve been on it), ‘Where the Macquarie River Meets the Turon, Down the Bridle Track’, a very fresh painting and last but not least the lovely and serene ‘Valley’

Written by Bernadette

2nd March - 20th March 2011

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