Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gallery 9 - Robin Hungerford

A wild ride through spookyville and melted memories, I stood and watched the video’s of melting heads and loved all the colours melding into each other. This work is quite amazing, building a model head, melting it and capturing it’s demise on video. Love it!

In the front room there is two Endoscope’s, wasn’t sure whether to pick them up but was told to give them a go. They are a delight as I have always loved kaleidoscopes.

Really loved ‘Hard-Core Soft-Cell’, plastic, paper, wood, motor, fibreglass and paint. It sort of reminded me of that film ‘Event Horizon’ in a spooky kind of way, but it twinkled in the light so that made it even better.

It’s a very entertaining show with lots to look at and interact with, loved also the three pencil on paper works, ‘Animal’, ‘Vegetable’ and ‘Mineral’. Robin is clearly awake to his environment with his wild and wonderful take on life.

Fleur MacDonald

30th November - 23rd December 2011

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