Sunday, February 12, 2012

Damien Minton Gallery - Five Bells

First opening for the Damien Minton Gallery for 2012, it was on a warm Saturday afternoon and I was a little late so when I got there the speeches were on and as always no room to swing a cat. I snuck in and took some photo’s of the crowd and snuck back out onto the footpath for some air and a lovely chilled glass of wine.

Lots of work in this show, although I have to be honest but I think it was a little over hung but at the same time some great work on show in this wonderful gallery.

My favourites are ‘Breakfast in Sydney’ by Elaine Campaner, digital print on 100% cotton paper, it is the perfect breakfast landscape.

‘Time intime out’, mixed media by Alexander Jackson-Wyatt, liked it!

‘Night and Water’ oil and acrylic on canvas by Eric Niebuhr reminds me of my view which I love looking at.

‘Botany Bay’ oil on canvas by Becky Gibson is so Sydney and a lovely moonlit landscape.

Fan Alert!!! ‘Five Bells’, oil on canvas by Euan Macleod is fantastic!!

All of the window wire and wool works by Clarrice Collien, these are truly a delight.

Always have been a fan of Tim Johnson and always will be.

And finally love this work by Liane Rossler, ‘Happy New Year’, hama beads is Sydney all over and it exudes such happiness.

Make a visit to the loo to for some Sydney inspired works from the Gallery's collection, so yes Damien Minton welcome to 2012...

Fleur MacDonald

1st February - 18th February 2012

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