Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blue Mountains Cultural Centre - Beata Geyer

Would it be a space time continuum regarding this installation, maybe or a space colour continuum instead. Probably a bit of both as this wonderful fantastic work is so big and big enough to go for a stroll around. With over 100 panels, which each panel is 60x80cm paint on MDF, various colours but colour is Beata’s existence, it encapsulates her, it rules her life as it does many who work with colour.

The supports for each panel is rollers, so that each piece can easily move up against the other but given adequate space between each piece so as to allow for the floating affect. This process makes for an impressive work, only wish this work was the only piece in the gallery as I think the more space around it would have made it more impressive as it already is.

Pre mixed monochromed colours takes the pain out of mixing them yourself but also helps in achieving the desired affect. There is a concentration of pinks and reds in the middle with blues and greens on the outer with splatterings of greys and purple interspersed, like a giant test pattern and it lures you in to follow each colour to walk around it and make a connection with it.

Katherine Hepburn once said that you should think very carefully before you buy anything yellow as it stands for insanity, but nowadays it’s also for safety, Red is for love, Blue is for betrothal and Black for Betrayal. Silver for happy communications, Green for keeping calm, Gold for wealth and the list goes on.

It can make your heart skip a beat, shed a tear, laugh out loud or scream in anger and we would all be lost without colour even those who can not see colour.

Fleur MacDonald

7th June - 28th July 2013

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