Thursday, October 16, 2014

Art Systems Wickham - Mandy Robinson & Ed Rush

Snappy colours and a fondness for the surreal give a hint at the art on offer currently at Art Systems Wickham. But however bright and jovial this work appears there is certainly depth involved. Mandy Robinson and Edwin Rush create a dialogue that coupled with insightful titles reveals the curious soul of each artist.

Industrious application to the practice of art is evident as Robinson pursues various techniques to delve ever deeper into the imagination. Shapes repeat and echo, fine line develops into wonderful labyrinths and collage introduces bold colour. The ‘lumpen objects’ located centrally in the art space are sculptural forms made from fabric and found objects. The source and life of these organic forms sprout from core pieces such as old jugs and mixers. It’s a bizarre yet effective concept. The pen on paper drawings mirroring the ‘lumpens’ were a favourite. 

The paintings by Rush require contemplation. Although not as prolific as Robinson his work is obvious in it’s profoundness. Letting a laid back approach to paint application become dominant in his work could be his mantra as his earlier work is unknown to me. This relaxed approach is quite meditative to view. Patterns emerge behind layers of opaque paint and meaning and essence can be garnered from the random titles of each work. In fact both artists seem to have a penchant for the obscure moniker. 

This exhibition is a pleasure, perhaps a tad too busy, but a real exploration of both artists’ work. There seems to be a ‘need to purge’ approach to the pricing of the art and it’s questionable. However for the sake of each artist I hope it works.

All hail the red dot!

Kerri Smith
Guest Reviewer

3rd October – 19th October 2014

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