Saturday, January 31, 2015

Gaffa - Honed: Makers mastering a particular technique and /or material

Andrea William, Bic Tieu, Jessica Winchcombe, Kallia Chatzigianni, Karin Jakobsson, Kenny Son, Melanie West, Oliver Smith, Satoshi Nakamura and Taisuke Nakada..

The Honed exhibition features a select group of jewellery and/or object makers who are, or in the process of, becoming masters of a particular technique.  Each uses a different technique and materials, and has spent many hours crafting the pieces on display.

This exhibition aims to make explicit the labour and skill that has gone into creating the pieces.  It considers time intensive art practices and how the outcome develops through this process.

Each of the makers has been interviewed regarding the technique and materials they use.  Their responses are included in the catalogue and on a blog in order to provide insight into the maker’s process, choices, frustrations and successes.

A cross section of different materials and technical processes were selected for this exhibition by the curator Michelle Genders.  Highly skilled artists from Sydney and the rest of the world have been included.

Curated by Michelle Genders
Catalogue by Grace Garton

22nd January - 2nd February 2015

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