Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Delmar Gallery - Group Show - Shelf Life

It's always a small adventure going to the Delmar Gallery.

Let's face it, Fleur and myself don't get to the suburbs often and couple that with Fleur being poorly and myself having had no sleep after foolishly travelling down the coast from Coffs Harbour we were quite the disaster.

Shelf Life is an annual event at the Delmar. Credit certainly must go to Nick Vickers... how he can find the patience to organise so many artists to be in a show I really can't fathom.

We got there very late and hardly had enough time to see the huge amount of work presented here. The trip home was fun, we relaxed and looked at the houses and gardens of Ashfield and a lovely lady gave us flowers!

22nd November - 13th December 2009

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