Thursday, December 3, 2009

National Art School - Grad Show 2009

This is my top 4, the one's that gave me the "WOW" factor!!! Otherwise it would have just been too overwhelming for me...and my sore head...

Declan O'Doherty's moody landscape paintings reminded me of two of my favourite painters Elizabeth Cummings and Idris Murphy. Declan has shown a certain power in capturing the landscape and revealing the story within the landscape...

The volume was turned up in Fiona Edmeades white lettered paintings, they may be shades of white but white can be very loud!!!

Almost spooky Addison Marshall's graphite space ship drawings on plaster looked like they could very easily fly away, nicely drawn and a wonderful idea...

And Sally Gibbs botanical drawings on perspex would have given Joseph Banks a run for his money!!!

4th December - 15th December 2009


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