Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Firstdraft Gallery - The Wait is Over

Packed to the rafters with a young hip crowd!!!

I arrived during a performance by amira.h performing a Holy ritual involving fish blood and milk...ok back in the 80's I did a bit of performance art and I will give her credit for drinking the fish blood and milk in front of a packed takes a lot of guts...

With David Sullivan's work do we need an Australian icon to be dissected so we can fall in love with it all over again, perhaps we do...somehow we have the need to hang on to it before it slips away into memory...

Loved the Lachlan Anthony and David Withers work in the back room, taking the everyday objects and transporting them into another dimension of reality!!!

All four shows seem to interact somehow working between the space of subconscious and consciousness and I could have easily curled up inside Alice Lang's Jumper Pod for a quick nap...awaking with a clear mind...

3rd March - 21st March 2010

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