Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tim Olsen Gallery - Celia Gullett

Breathing Land 2010

It’s been awhile since I’d been to the Tim Olsen Gallery, but it’s a long walk and I only had one ride left on my Travel10... Planned for the trip back!!!

Breathing Land is a rich tapestry of colour within a dense dry landscape... Muted images of the vegetation that surrounds waterholes and gorges... Time spent within this landscape and you can see the colours and shapes for what they really are either at sunset or sunrise... How the light falls on the trees, casting multiply shadows... The many different species of native flora in a wide diversity of colour and smells... That’s right I said smells, when I look at landscape paintings I sometimes imagine what the air around it smells like!!!

I’ve met Celia a couple of times and found her to be very calm and easy going and her work reflects her personality... My favourites would have to be ‘Waterhole XIII’, ‘Waterhole VI’, ‘Waterhole VII’ as they remind me of tapestries... And especially the series of collages on the back wall of the gallery, these works a very light in mood and very pretty...

And it really isn’t important how far the gallery is, just as long as you want to go...

And go and have a look at this show!!!

Written by Fleur

10th November - 28th November 2010

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