Friday, December 3, 2010

Damien Minton Gallery - The Strutts & Sarah de Teliga

Painters can be very resourceful when it comes to recycling and finding alternative supports... A good attempt at reducing landfill.... These examples are so far the best I've seen in awhile... Totally besotted with ‘Spring-ing Lamb’ and ‘Spring Lamb’, they were leaping off the cans... ‘Chamonix on Olive Tin’ is a beautiful landscape!!!

I first saw Sarah's work at Mori Gallery in the early 90's and she had taken over 1 whole wall with a large series of small paintings on board representing the glorious galaxy of stars and planets of our known universe... And yes I have one with 6 moons!!!

The Strutts... More ingenious manipulation of the metal kind... Colourful and tactile and I really just wanted to run my fingers over the surfaces.. Mixed media assemblages from large wall pieces to delicate flower like brooches... These works contain a magnitude of images and colours to astound...

The opening was packed with our friend Damien doing his wonderful and much needed intro... More galleries should take note!!!... This makes us all feel welcome and we learn something new about the artist that we didn't know...

You have until the 18th of December so get on your bikes and get down there!!!

Written by Fleur

30th November - 18th December 2010

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  1. Nice to see this live on tape. Greetings from Paris...

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