Friday, April 15, 2011

MILS Gallery - Declan O'Doherty

I’ve not seen Declan’s work since I put him in my Top 4 from the NAS Grad Show of 2009!!!

These paintings reflect a new beginning for all of us, some may see reflections of other favourite artists while others see a fresh approach to the landscape.. We spoke briefly and he reminded myself of when I was first starting out.. A mad rush in the last weeks before the opening.. We all did that, but we all know now that it can lead to an early burn out.. So please Declan pace yourself...

As the sweet ‘Midnight’, oil on canvas is an enticing introduction we can see that Declan is not afraid of colour, both ‘Yellow Landscape’ and ‘Blue Landscape’ oil on canvas captures the air of the day perfectly... While ‘Vegetation’ and ‘Clearing’ also oil on canvas gets us ready for an onslaught of small reminders, all acrylic on canvas, which may be small but look closely and you’ll see a clear view of what he perceives in this wonderful landscape, playing with day and night... Light and airy which complements dark and moody!!!

‘Night Landscape’ oil on canvas is gorgeous, just gorgeous, what more can I say!!!

And ‘Indigo River I & II’ oil on canvas, love it!! ‘Ghost Gums I & II’, oil on canvas, offers a playful approach and with both parents as painters it’s not surprising he’s turned out the way he has...

Declan’s first Solo is both strong and intelligent, he has a lot to offer and I can see a bright future ahead!!!

Written by Fleur

13th April - 24th April 2011

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