Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gallery 9 - Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor has developed a much more freer approach, more lively and less constrained in these newer works and his glorious use of colour obviously shows us he is so not afraid to use it!!! From the brooding ‘Banksia Night’, oil and oil stick on linen with it’s glistening full moon brightening the eerie landscape... To ‘Barragga Bay’, oil and oil stick on linen, crashing off the wall in a barrage of waves... ‘Sandfly Point’, oil and oil stick on linen is a real beauty, I felt myself just gazing into this one, it’s a little intense, soft and hard at the same time...

‘Sea Story’, oil and oil stick on linen is one of my favourites, awash with colour in a mesmerizing flurry of activity... ‘Change of Season’, oil and oil stick on linen, is a collection of blues to mark a seasonal change and is another of my favourites..

Michael has travelled a long and lengthy road and doesn’t look like he’s stopping, he’s the same age as my mother who also is going strong and I look forward to still be working this hard at his age... He has committed himself to a life time of Art, established a hefty reputation and shows no sign of hanging up his paint brushes any time soon...

Written by Fleur

18th May - 11th June 2011

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  1. Nice one Fleur, I find it inspiring too, to see someone who has comitted a whole life time to art.