Monday, May 2, 2011

At The Vanishing Point - HEAD ON: A Shadow Of It's Former Self

Rowan Conroy, Rachael Everitt, Alexander James, Kurt Sorensen, Marieka Walsh and Alex Wisser...

I may just have to add a few more names to my current ‘favourite photographer’ list as after seeing the works in this show I’m a little blown away... It’s brilliant!!!

I fell in love with the ‘Dust’ series by Rowan Conroy which I stumbled across and then I found them again in this show... That amazing dust storm gave us all many opportunities to take advantage of the light it threw at us... Rowan has created some very beautiful works, a complete stillness affected by the spooky unreal light... Well done!!!

Outside looking in at Rachael Everitt’s work, using windows and doors to frame the work, to see each section as a separate piece but still part of the whole, private little lives wrapped up as one...

If Alexander James and Kurt Sorensen were given camera’s and were sent back in time then these images would be what they would come back with, as each artist’s work represent a moment from a past time, atmospheric and lovingly produced!!!

‘The Darkness’ by Marieka Walsh is a hauntingly photographed video of the slow decay of a dying village, it’s inhabitants preparing to leave it as a ghost town...

As one of my already favourite’s the snappy dresser Alex Wisser doesn’t let the team down, reflecting on solace and offering us ‘Blank Canvas’ within the domestic environment!!!

This show is part of the ‘Head On’ festival and is one of many, if you don’t make it to all of them, then this one is a must!!!

Written by Fleur

28th April - 15th May 2011

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