Friday, April 29, 2011

TIGHT Projects - Julie Burke

Has anyone ever tried that test where you write your name on a piece of paper using both hands, well I have and it’s hard work... So much control is needed to create a mirror image by one hand...

Julie Burke's work is a little mind boggling in that same way, it's intense to say the least but it has the enormous power to engage the viewer, trust me as you will find yourself standing in front of the work and just gazing in amazement!!!

Not sure about everyone else but I've always been a little fascinated about drawing with both hands, using the left and right sides of the brain and encouraging the memory. I can use both hands if I have to but much rather use the one that has more control, and I spoke briefly to Julie, who also had a work in the ‘Welcome Back Tight’ show and she explained that had been using both hands since leaving art school and I hope she continues... As this work needs to be experienced...

Written by Fleur

26th April - 13th May 2011

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