Sunday, April 24, 2011

James Dorahy Project Space - Sarah Newall

I just couldn’t plan my evening to fit in Sarah’s opening, so I snuck up to the gallery in the afternoon, I think I really wanted to see the work all by myself... It truly is a thing of beauty!!! Faux Harp is magical, like a magical far away place where you can go to and sit back and dream...

‘PufnStuf’, ‘Witchiepoo’ and ‘Fire Truck’, acrylic, gouache and plasterol on rag are really quite stunning works in there own right with an abundance of childhood memories with dream like reflections taken from H.R PufnStuf!!!

Did some of us have a crush on that black haired boy? And was anyone scared of Witchiepoo, I think I was a bit...

‘Lotus Shag Pile’, cotton yarn, acrylic fibre is a piece to be reckoned with, it’s beauty is beyond everything, you just have to kneel down and stroke the work to really appreciate it’s true beauty and the amount of work gone into recreating these beautiful lotus pads and flowers... I’m a little gobsmacked!!!

Sarah’s attention to detail is to be praised, this is why we wait with bated breath for her work... For every flower is a lovingly crafted jewel...

Written by Fleur

19th April - 17th May 2011

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