Thursday, April 7, 2011

TIGHTprojects - Welcome Back

Welcome Back Tight, so glad to have you back!!!

Had to go early so to see the work and make a nice little video to celebrate this show and this wonderful gallery space... Don’t think any work in this show show’s fault or lags behind, and with such an intimate space they all work so well together, well what more would you want...

‘The small visible’, by Marisa Purcell, this painting to me is deeply moving, you can feel the energy as if it’s that light at the end of the tunnel that we all swear we’ve seen and it’s also complimented by a small gouache work by yours truly, it’s one of my favourites from my last show and after meeting and talking to people about it I realized the subject is as old as my art career, shock horror gasp!!!

‘DWLE no.3, 4 and 5’ by Eric Ng are truly amazing detailed delights and really you have to be quick when you want to buy a work, none of this lallygagging or you miss out as I did...

‘For the love of colour’ and ‘Polka dots fill the sky’ by Melita Oram shows the lighter but more serious side to semi abstraction, for me it’s the beginning starting with geometry, and as ‘Balls’ by Matthew Allen is a beautiful softly spoken work sits quietly but effectively next to ‘Water #1’ by Douglas McCloskey a stunning photo produced from his Nokia, mmmm nice work!!!

An interesting piece by Julie Burke, ‘Peter Brock: muscle memory (8 hour autograph)’, it’s surprising as I was only talking to someone just recently about the affect of muscle memory, something quite amazing and it’s a beautiful work to boot... ‘#6 Short Street’ by Sophie Holvast is intense and as I was looking at it I felt of twinge of RSI but it’s a wonderful piece and so is ‘Untitled’ by Anna Fraser giving us a double whammie... And not to forget ‘San Cresci, drawing no.2’ by Maria Gorton, a moving dark mystery, beautifully executed and loved how it wasn’t square on the paper, just lovely...

I won’t allow anyone to miss seeing this show, I feel quite honored to be in it, I love this gallery and the book shop it’s sharing with gives it just that little bit extra that other galleries don’t!!!

Written by Fleur

5th April - 23rd April 2011

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