Sunday, April 3, 2011

COFAspace - Kieran McInnes

With the devastation that a construction site can produce it was a great relief to find a serene exhibition on at the COFAspace... Kieran McInnes landscapes are beautiful, from tight references to flat landscapes and picturesque cloudscapes to a much looser approach to our vivid landscape...

I fell in love with ‘Lake Study, and ‘Lagoon Study’ both oil on plywood, sublime constant beauty which I found hard to leave. ‘Tennis Courts’, oil on plywood and ‘Dress Circle’, oil on canvas showed us an essence of a storm, loved the sky and the sketchy reflection of it’s former self. ‘Wisemen’s Ferry Road’ oil on plywood looks deep into the sky and the 3 faces (palms) below it...

Kieran can obviously give some of our better known landscape painters a definite run for their money!!!

Check out ‘Views’, charcoal, ink wash and pencil on paper as they are a must see. ‘Three Islands’ and ‘Low Tide’ both oil on canvas are just really really lovely with references to a landscape Kieran spent time observing as in Scotland... So if you love a good landscape painting show then please please go and see this show, it’s has been extended till the 8th April!!!

Written by Fleur

29th March - 8th April 2011

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  1. what a delight to see Kieran`s latest work - albeit on You Tube. I still love your Scottish icy river and trees hanging on my wall in Fife, Kieran! Hope you`re all well

    jennifer wilson